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The Web Committee is responsible for monitoring, editing, and updating web content on an ongoing basis and in conjunction with technical staff. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: * Providing frequent reports to the CSE Board of Directors and working with the Board to accomplish the editorial activities surrounding the Web site. * Tracking analytics and developing strategies for driving users to the CSE Web site. * Interacting with the Marketing Committee to promote the Web site via social media tools. * Working with the editor of Science Editor to upload content on the Web site. * Brainstorming ideas for new content and functionality on the Web site, in accordance with CSE’s mission and strategic vision. * Guiding the design and appearance of the Web site. * Creating editorial policies that will guide the healthy development of CSE’s Web site. * Ensuring timely updating of CSE’s Web site. * Responding to requests from the CSE Board of Directors for adding information to the Web site. * Receiving and replying to e-mail concerning the Web site content and policies.


Andrew VanWasshnova - Staff Liaison
Overland Park, KS