Below is the list of active CSE Committees. If you’re interested in learning more or becoming a committee member, please email CSE at

Awards & Honors Committee

The Awards and Honors Committee recommends the recipients of the CSE Award for Meritorious Achievement, the CSE Distinguished Service Award, and the CSE Certificate of Appreciation.

Development Committee

The Development Committee coordinates and performs the activities necessary to seek funding from corporations, societies, associations, and other groups to support CSE activities and programs. The Development Committee maintains records of donors approached, for what purpose, and the solicitation results. This information is delivered to the CSE executive office at the end of the fiscal year.

Editorial Policy Committee

The Editorial Policy Committee serves as a resource regarding editorial and publishing policies applying to publications in the sciences. The committee studies and analyzes procedural, ethical, legal, and economic policies and recommends policies and/or guidelines that relate to the editing, review, and publication of manuscripts in books and journals in the sciences. The committee may suggest policy to the CSE board of directors affecting CSE’s own publications. Policy guidelines developed by the committee will be presented to the membership via publication in Science Editor and the Web site, by presentation at CSE annual meetings, or in other ways, and after appropriate revision in consultation with the board, may be published and disseminated by CSE through the Publications, Education, Membership, and Program Committees.

Education Committee

The Education Committee presents for board approval concepts for educational programs and products (including symposia, short courses, workshops, and retreats) given outside the program at the annual meeting. They develop a schedule for approved programs and products, present a budget and marketing plan for each approved program or product to the Finance Committee for approval, assign committee members and others to develop and present these programs or products, invite participants, and develop and print material to be used in individual courses. The committee may work with the Publications Committee to refine such material and other educational materials into publishable form to be used in subsequent courses and marketed as CSE publications. The committee develops materials to evaluate each program for use in developing future programs.

Short Course & Workshop Committee

The Short Courses Subcommittee is part of the Education Committee. This subcommittee develops and conducts educational programs at the annual meeting. In the past, these courses have covered journal metrics, statistics, as well as specialized training for editors, manuscript editors, and managing editors.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee critically reviews and revises an annual operating budget developed by the treasurer and the executive director with input from committee chairs. The revised budget is then submitted to the board of directors for further revision and approval. The committee monitors actual financial performance versus budget by reviewing financial statements quarterly.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee aims to increase the visibility of CSE and scientific editing throughout the scientific publishing community and the general public, by developing and executing marketing strategies to promote CSE educational programs and events, to drive registration for CSE events and to reinforce CSE’s identity as a respected advisory body and authoritative resource for publishers, researchers, authors, and editors.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee promotes membership in the Council, develops concepts for membership retention and growth for board approval, works with the executive director in matters concerning the membership directory, and advises the board on matters concerning membership. Avenues for recruitment will be explored and instituted by the Membership Committee, including vigorous recruitment campaigns.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee identifies candidates to run for office and also makes recommendations to the board regarding the replacement of directors or officers who have been unable to complete their term of office when the remaining term is greater than 1 year.

Professional Development Committee

The Committee on Professional Development leads programs and services that foster the career growth of CSE members and provide avenues for networking opportunities. The committee oversees the CSE Certificate Program, a curricula of comprised of the publishing fundamentals and projects designed to challenge enrollees to propose solutions to emerging issues. The committee is developing CSE’s mentor program, assessing opportunities for local networks and assessing programs, activities and services that address the needs of CSE members’ globally.

Program Committee

The Program Committee works within guidelines established by the Board of Directors to plan and organizes the CSE Annual Meeting.

Science Editor

Science Editor, formerly CBE Views, is published quarterly by the Council of Science Editors (CSE). (Prior to 2011, the frequency was bimonthly.) It serves as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among professionals concerned with publishing in the sciences. Research on peer review, editorial processes, and ethics; letters to the editor; and other items of special interest to the journal’s readers are encouraged.

Web Editor Committee

The Web Committee is responsible for monitoring, editing, and updating web content on an ongoing basis and in conjunction with technical staff. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: * Providing frequent reports to the CSE Board of Directors and working with the Board to accomplish the editorial activities surrounding the Web site. * Tracking analytics and developing strategies for driving users to the CSE Web site. * Interacting with the Marketing Committee to promote the Web site via social media tools. * Working with the editor of Science Editor to upload content on the Web site. * Brainstorming ideas for new content and functionality on the Web site, in accordance with CSE’s mission and strategic vision. * Guiding the design and appearance of the Web site. * Creating editorial policies that will guide the healthy development of CSE’s Web site. * Ensuring timely updating of CSE’s Web site. * Responding to requests from the CSE Board of Directors for adding information to the Web site. * Receiving and replying to e-mail concerning the Web site content and policies.

CSE Representatives to Other Organizations

AAAS Barbara Gastel
AAP/PSP Diane Scott-Lichter
ACSE May Piotrowski
AJPP Christine Casey
ALPSP Harvey Marcovitch
BELS Devora Krischer
Chicago Collaborative Michael Fitzgerald
ICMJE Christine Laine
ISMTE Elizabeth Blalock
SSP Patty Baskin
STM Angela Cochran
WAME Tom Lang