Editorial Policy Committee

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The Editorial Policy Committee serves as a resource regarding editorial and publishing policies applying to publications in the sciences. The committee studies and analyzes procedural, ethical, legal, and economic policies and recommends policies and/or guidelines that relate to the editing, review, and publication of manuscripts in books and journals in the sciences. The committee may suggest policy to the CSE board of directors affecting CSE’s own publications. Policy guidelines developed by the committee will be presented to the membership via publication in Science Editor and the Web site, by presentation at CSE annual meetings, or in other ways, and after appropriate revision in consultation with the board, may be published and disseminated by CSE through the Publications, Education, Membership, and Program Committees.


Tim Bennett - Executive Director
New York, NY
Kristi Overgaard, BSc - Past Chair
East Dundee, IL
Andrew VanWasshnova - Staff Liaison
Overland Park, KS